"just a dirt bag under the
weather and over rated."

Aug 13

Dr. Isiah Friedlanders Notes

Patient: MylkJiveCore

From the office of Dr. Isiah Friedlander
Client Notes - Highly Confidential

  • A bit of a tragic case - riddled with contradictory issues.
  • Compromise is the languagae of the devil - and this fool loves compromise.
  • Terrifying egomaniac.
  • Not very generous.
  • Superior - dispite many obvious inadequacies.
  • Sexual risk taker - remember not to shake hands!
  • Family minded for some reason.
  • Never going to die rich, unless death occurs mid robbery.
  • Psychopath or sociopath?  Both.
  • Desperately dishonest and violent gregarding property of others.
  • Ignores anything spiritual.
  • At least they dont over exercise.
  • Out going and friendly, in a terrifying kind of way.
  • Not obbsessive about some things.
  • I am very confused.  Dont think I am the only one.

Oct 18

Feb 23
“Experience teaches slowly. And at the Cost of many mistakes.” Batman

Feb 21

Jezzie Wedding

Rub Me Jaw Paw

Jive Core at the Buzz 2012

Jan 8

My buddy Steven makes music!


Exhibit C (Jay Electronica Remix) - BEDLAM
Just Blaze Instrumental

BEDLAM consists of two San Francisco native emcees, (Animal Durden & Viberoc) who set out to show people that…quality content and talent doesn’t need to be sacrificed in order to be heard…also, to incite panic upon those who doubt. First track they present to you is a remix of Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” (prod. Just Blaze)…where both emcees display their passion and drive behind the path they’ve chosen…while also venting out their frustrations of today’s current scene. Listen and share the track with people that you feel would appreciate good quality music. Stay tuned…this is just a small sample of things to come. (shout out to MOOSE for the mixdown, check him and his music out HERE)


Support your local artists!  


At the jump off I’m cuttin like a buzzsaw / my love for this is limitless , music is in my blood raw / run up on the drums like we got a problem with guns drawn / then clear the smoking barrels continue walking this unharmed / this is the life of me, expression thru my tired eyes / never question purpose or asking myself am I alive / especially during trying times where money isn’t abundant / while these wack muthafuckas get rich off a stupid club hit / shit, I’m trying bring skills back to the forefront / where lyrics mattered while getting breaded so we could store up / but yet my skin complexion is in question cause my audience ain’t what the industry is targeting, go shake the core up / and burn these bridges, go for it like forth and inches / dropping the needle hot on a vinyl  like scorched syringes / a storm is inching, nearing closer up to the coast, and when it hits, then we’ll know whos real enough to stay afloat / check the transformation, deliver the message no hesitation / constantly grinding whenever my eyes are open to rise upon my location / yo Everyday I’m trying better my situation / by maintaining a certain level of sanity /I  speak it candidly, never concerned with my  status or where the flashing cameras be / so after I hand the mic to over you, you hand it back to me / and it’s like that, all respect to those who really write raps / and cut out the talk about chains like inner city bike racks / who’s all about the rhythm  in sync with snares and hi hats / who truly cares about the future of music and where their minds at / I do this for anybody that feels passion bout their life span

Animal Durden:
I’m gonna vibe off this rock Live wont stop fuck breaks / Crush you little man Like Japan I busy quakes / For fuck sake you sleepin on me, lookin crusty / Trust me Wild West, Its the good bad and the ugly / kill it on a Wednesday, Like this brothers Pugsley / Gangsta on my deniro And Nobody can touch me / See me and music our relationships abusive / Hit me when I spit swiftly, don’t give me no bruises / Like a mothers calm voice Soothing when lifes is confusing / But in Music shit, I know what we doing / I’m perusing, I’m a shoe in, and I’ll leave your Crew in ruins / Like the Mayans, Grave rob ya riot, then im looting / One bird in the coocoo flew in, and I never choose losing / On my Lot 25, yo I do it moving never quit / Even when they call you a heretic / Fuck when they comparing it, post to Facebook sharing it / Ride so hard my bearings split, So cutthroat my larynx slit / Music is my heroin ninja like a terrapin / Live out my passion, Music til death like Michael Jackson / Forever lasting while you stay button mashin / I game intelligent, you play irrelevant, has been / knuckle dragging, think you’re gangsta just cuz you saggin / Think youre swaggin, you couldn’t hot box with an animal / Pick up the pen and percolate poison Ill pass the antidote / And I quote, music don’t lie, Hendrix fans will know / Heals a damaged soul, ravaged whole inside a massive hole / close my eyes, clear my thoughts, and manage the bull.

May 22

I had a dream

I had a dream where I was in a lounge.  I was with Es, Paul, Jean and Crystal.  I took a seat.  Crystal introduced me to her friend whose name I wasn’t sure of.  I think it was Molly.  Molly is stunningly gorgeous.  A timeless gorgeous that belongs on runways, movies, and magazines.  The type of gorgeous that you never expect to meet.  I kept her company as everyone else got drinks.  I’m pretty sure she was into me, because the only thing that took her hand off my leg or arm was her laughter.  I liked her.  When the gang came back with drinks Molly left to use the rest room.  I suppose this was around last call, because we immediately left to continue drinking at Crystals house.  We went.  Molly wasn’t there.  We drank more.  Relaxed.  When we left for the car the street was flooded with high school kids all with luggage waiting mindlessly.  One girl was waiting right next to the passenger door.  “Excuse me” Jean said to the girl who gave no reaction at all.  Jean waved her hand in front of the girl, nothing.  Jean held the girls shoulders and guided her out of the way.  Then rolled the girls luggage toward the trunk.  I helped her put it in.  And nothing from the girl.  She was entranced.  I was perplexed.  Jean took shotgun, Es was driving.  Paul was across the street at my aunts house saying “Hi.”  When I got out the car to get Paul, so did Es and Jean.  My brother and mother came out of my aunts house and I went with them instead.  In the car I became very saddened realizing that I didn’t get to say “bye” to Molly, or her number… come to think of it I wasn’t even sure that was her name.  I reached for my phone to ask Crystal to give Molly my number, but once I looked at it I saw I had a text waiting for me.  It read “Hey funny guy.  This is Mol.  When am I gonna see you?  Lets face time.”  I was very, very happy.  Once I got home I took off a beanie that I didn’t know I had on.  I had to fix my hair for this ‘Face Time’ that I don’t know how to operate.  Looking in the mirror the only hair that I had was a thin strip toward the left of the crown.  To the left side of my head was what I thought to be a bright red baseball sized tumor.  It concerned me less than the right side of my head that was melted off.  It looked like one big ear.  I was in a frenzy.  Right then and there I was dying.  I found my brother and mother.  They looked at me like my appearance was nothing new.  Like this behavior even was something they were accustomed to.  Had I looked like this my whole life?  Or was this some sort of terrible mutation that took place on the car ride home that they could care less about?  The idea of having looked like this talking to Molly was nice.  It would explain her hands on me; versus some sort of charm I’d had on her.  After this flood of relief washes over me, after I feel grateful for having true friends and family, I hear something in the hallway. 

My brother asks my father “Did you order a five-hundred-thousand dollar DVD?”

"Yes, this one."  Father turns on the TV to a Time Life infomercial selling a 10 year commemorative DVD featuring both the European concert tour, and hours worth of never before seen footage of Aaron Carter.  And Aaron Carter isn’t even dead.

That’s when I woke up.

May 9

I’m totally gay for America.

Mar 21


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