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Feb 8

Rachel Dawes is a fucking bitch!

I’m watching Batman Begins and the more I see Katie Holmes the more she upsets me.  Here’s why.

1) Giving Bruce shit on his birthday.  Like “Hey Rachel What are you doing here?”  “Just here to drop off my present.  What are you doing today?”  “Gonna relax before the party.  You’re coming right?”  “No, I’m going to work because I’m such a high and mighty fucking bitch!”

2) Giving Bruce a guilt trip for goin swimming.  “Oh, hey Rachel.  Long time no see.  Oh, yea, I just got back in town.  Your number changed.  Alfred didn’t know.  That’s a nice dress you got.  Gonna go party?  Oh, dinner.  Cool.  Cool.  Me, oh I just went swimming.  I look like a mess.  I’m not always like this-“  “It’s not about what you are on the inside, its what you do that matters.  Like me, I’m a fucking bitch.”

3) Giving Bruce shit for wanting to kill Joe Chill.  “Your my friend Rachel.  And I trust you.  Since I was 8 years old I wanted to kill Joe Chill.  It was the only thing I’ve lived for.  But I can’t now.  I was going to.  I realize how weak I was, and I’m confessing this to you.”  “I am a fuuuuucking bitch!!!”

4) Giving Bruce shit about being Batman after saying she wants to fuck.  “Oh my god Bruce.  You’re so fucking sexy.  You’ve done more for this city with your philanthropy and as Batman while sitting on the toilet than I have during my whole time at the DA’s office.  I love you Bruce.  I loved you when we were kids, I always have and always will.  I want you so bad.”  “Cool babe, lets fuck.”  “But you’re not Bruce.  Your Batman, and I’m a fucking bitch.”